Welcome to Central Book Exchange


Welcome to the online home of Central Book Exchange.
We are a local used bookstore here in Salt Lake City, Utah. With an extensive library of over 75,000 books on our shelves, our book collection holds rare and even out-of-print titles! For any questions or requests, you can give us a call at 801.485.3913 or email us at [email protected]. We're always happy to help!
Looking to rehome your books? You've come to the right store! Our exchange system allows you to trade in books for points, which can then be used to reduce book prices! We may also selectively buy books, depending on the condition, popularity, title, author, etc.
If you wish to use your points to save money on books feel free to search our book catalog and then call the book store; we can give you reduced book prices over the phone, using your points, and mail books directly to you!