About the Writers
Zachery Dickerson (Author) - Recently launched a groundbreaking web application.  Loves current events, cycling, and socializing with his friends.  "Try not to worry too much about what people think about you.  Do your best.  Work hard.  Keep growing."
Kareem Balance (Editor) - Recently conquered fear of heights by going skydiving.  Loves philosophy, trail running, and his 2 cats.  "If you work hard at something, you get out what you put in."
Avery Boser (Illustrator) - Recently began earning commissions for his artwork.  Loves history, playing basketball, and being with his family.  "It's all about finding the beauty in everything.  Find your peace.  Find your stillness and concentrate.  And take action."
They released the first collection of volume 1 of "The Salty Lake" on Saturday, June 19th. The authors were first published at a local, used bookstore called Central Book Exchange in 2021.  They did more than simply make comic books, however.  The authors inspired other locals with their creativity and collaborative mindsets.